HADEM is a creativity-fueled immersive multiverse (FREE)

A boundless space in the Multiverse, Home to Art, Design and Entertainment where visitors become one with the environment.


By now technology has accustomed us all to its immersive potential, but was still missing the final piece to unleash its full power. More than often, current means of entertainment technology in fact boast their attention-grabbing capabilities but actually make spectators more passive than active. People want to feel things. But more than anything, people want to have a special space to celebrate creativity and have an active role in the vision they support…And we want to provide that.


Avatar Customization

Your new digital identity. Scroll through the variety of skins available and customize your avatar with your favorite style: over time you’ll be able to collect even more items by attending special events and launches.

3D Environments

Captivating immersive environments and unparalleled user experience. We use Unreal Engine 4, among the most powerful real-time 3D creation tools out there, to ensure top-notch experiences.

VAL AI Support

Seamless user experience
before anything else.
During your journey within
HADEM, our AI support VAL 
will be there at all times to
assist you in gaining knowledge 
about the platform and all its

LIMBO tool

Everything you need in one place. The Limbo is not your typical wristband…It is the tool that will become your reference point anytime you want to view your settings, skins, saved events and safe zone.


New rooms to exploreQ4 2022
New skins to collectQ4 2022
Multiplayer featureQ2 2023


MetaVanity is HADEM’s first journey, into what we are confident will become our dimension as a team, as a company, and as a creative, intellectual ecosystem. With Metavanity, Vanity Fair has been able to fully embrace the core values of the cultural revolution, the result of this precise moment. It has enabled us to host some of today’s most extraordinary creative minds, giving them the freedom to operate in full respect of their history and become the life of a container that wants to do anything but “contain”, but rather free experiences into the ether, and give visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves, experience and discover what many speak of, only a minority study and unfortunately, what very few are trying to support.



Need any support? We’re here to support you in whichever world you may find yourself in!

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