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1. What is HADEM?

HADEM is a creativity-fueled immersive metaverse powered by Valuart, a boundless space in the Multiverse, home to Art, Design and Entertainment where visitors become one with the environment.

2. What does HADEM stand for?

HADEM literally stands for the home of Art, Design and Entertainment in the Multiverse, in line with its purpose.

3. On which devices is HADEM available?

HADEM is built with Engine 4 and requires a download. The App – called HADEM – is available both for Desktop (Mac & PC) and Mobile (Android & iOS) devices.

4. How do I access HADEM?

Once you have downloaded the HADEM App either on Desktop or Mobile, you will be asked to register and create your personal profile by providing your name, last name, and email address.
Please note: it is very important you check your email once you have registered, in order to officially verify your profile and complete the registration process.

5. Is HADEM free?

Yes, HADEM is completely free.

6. I want to host my artwork in HADEM. How do I get in touch?

We are always excited to have amazing artists join our ecosystem and build amazing things together.

Feel free to reach out to hello@hadem.xyz anytime.